The number of overdose cases in hospitals is constantly increasing. Drug addiction, illegal or prescription, has become so rampant today. In the last decade, it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Drug addiction cases are usually bannered by cocaine and heroin. But now, prescription drug abuse is coming close behind. The question is, how can these be stopped?  The drug addiction trend has victimized almost every part of the society. From young ones to old, poor to rich, male or female, normal or famous, drugs don’t choose.

Fortunately, though having so many victims is a bad thing, it has actually created a wide array of subject matter for research. This has paved way for determining the personalities that are quite vulnerable to this illness. With years spent on research, medical professionals have been able to determine what kinds of people are prone to this. Because of this, rehab centers are programmed and trained to handle people admitted. These people are those with addictive personalities.

Still, addiction is not exclusive to people with the mentioned personalities. External factors contribute to addiction. Some of these factors are stress, disappointment, failure, and more. For this reason, drug rehabs come in many different forms and structure so as to cater so many unique cases of substance abuse. The treatment process usually are long term and very rigid. Only equipped facilities are able to provide this kind of treatment.   People addicted to drugs may have the image of violence and uncertainty, but they still seek peace and purity. They are quietly begging for help. A drug rehab facility is the perfect first step. Once the person is made to realize the extent of his problem, he should be catered into drug rehabilitation.

But it doesn’t end there. The family needs to support the process. The family needs to be patient enough to wait and understand. The recovery period of a drug addict’s life does not have to be spent alone. Family support is one of the most important factors for full recovery.